Water, Water Everywhere

With the weather we have been experiencing over the last few years, Kramer Insurance Center wants to make sure that you are aware of some coverages available that are not covered by your homeowners policy that may provide you with the protection you need and deserve.

Water Backup and Sump Pump coverage is an endorsement available on your homeowners policy. It provides coverage for accidental direct physical loss if water backs up through a sewer, drain or overflows from a sump pump. Coverage’s start at $5,000 and increase in $5,000 increments. This is highly recommended if you have a finished basement. Please call us at 215-860-6510 or go to our website to request a quote.

Flood insurance is not covered under a homeowners policy and is available to everyone whether you live in a flood zone or not. According to the NFIP, nearly 25% of the program’s claims occur in moderate-to low-risk areas. Flood insurance provides coverage on your home and contents should they be damaged by flood waters. For example, If ground water enters your home or if a fire hydrant empties into your home, you are NOT covered under a homeowners policy, you need flood insurance.

Please give the above coverages some consideration and if you have any questions and would like a quote, please call us at 215-860-6510 or go to our website to request a quote .