Cyber Liability Program

Did you know that the odds of your small business customer having a cyber liability claim are much higher than the chances of a fire, flood, burglary, slip and fall, or automobile claim?

Industry statistics indicate:

  • 31 % of all cyber-crimes target small businesses (it’s not if a small business will be hit, it’s a matter of when)
  • 60% of uninsured small businesses do not recover after sustaining a cyber loss or data breach
  • Data Breach claims are costly – approximately $200/per lost data record

Kramer Insurance Center can help prevent losses and protect you from these dangerous new exposures. Cyber Liability Program is the right solution for your business!

Why We Offer Cyber Coverage?

  • It’s valuable coverage for any small business that has personal information in their care, custody and control. If your business is:

o             Professionals of all types

o             Retail operations accepting credit cards

o             Any other businesses collecting personal information


  • Making the offer will reduce your E&O exposure

o             Imagine your reaction when you sustain a costly data breach claim who later learns that they did not have Cyber coverage for a very reasonable price for as low as $299 and a claim of thousands

Three essential layers of protection provided by Cyber Liability Coverage are:

  • Prevention and Educational Services – Self assessment tools, policies, procedures and many cyber-crime prevention tips
  • Insurance Coverage – Data Loss/Breach, Extortion, Regulatory, PCI fines and penalties, legal and forensic investigation services, victim notification expenses, mitigation of reputational damage, business interruption and data destruction
  • Incident Response on Demand – Professionally managed Cyber Crime resolution and comprehensive Data Breach Incident Response services. Time and expertise is of the essence to address any claim breach event

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(Coverages may be different depending on your application and company you apply to and industry specifics can change.)